In To Normal you play as a motivator whithin a group of protestors. Week after week you march in the streets, only to be shoved off by the authorities. The goal of the game is to keep your fellow marchers motivated, to they do not give up their resistance and allow the oppression to normalize.

Begin the game by pressing space.

Press space again during the first stanza to begin play.

The movement controls are arrow keys.

The only other control is space, which motivates marchers around you to keep up the fight.

As you will notice, marchers lose their color as their confidence wanes. Seek out the colorless marchers to motivate, this will be tremendously more effective.

You lose if 75% of your fellow protestors lose confidence.

Win condition is keeping resistance strong for a year "or 52 week cycles". The real goal would be reaching four, but I thought at least one masochist would try to complete this if I kept it at one.

Press pace at the end to restart.