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Bag-a-bonds is a 1v1 local multiplayer capture-the-flag esque game. 

Your mission is to capture the intel and hold onto it until an evac arrives. There is another spy with your same mission. Only one of you can escape with the intel. Oh, an no weapons. Your only "weapons" are the crowds of civilians in the town square. If you piss them off they will chase you. If you scare them they will run away from you. If you yell loud enough they might even chase after your opponent.

Player One Controls: 

  • WASD to move
  • Q to scare surrounding crowd
  • E to yell for a chase
  • Space to jump
  • Left Shift to Sprint

Player Two Controls:

  • IJKL to move
  • U to scare surrounding crowd
  • O to yell for a chase
  • N to jump
  • Right Shift to Sprint

This game was developed for a class project at USC IMGD by myself and Cristian Gomez. The models are not my own, but I'm gonna have to ask him where he found them and I'll get back to you all with the credits.

Install instructions

only available for mac right now. send me a message if you'd like the unity files or a port to another device.


Bag-a-bonds Mac 31 MB

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